ICOM airband radio

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    IC-A220T Air Band Panel Mount Radio

    SKU: IC-A220T

    The latest panel mount air band radio from ICOM, the IC-A220T boasts some great features. It is TSO and ETSO approved and it is backward compatible with the panel slot used by the IC-A200 series radios.

    It has a high visibility OLED display with a white key backlight and it is designed to operate at 8.33Khz channel spacing.

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    IC-A25CE/NE Airband Portable Radio

    SKU: IC-A25 Series

    Two versions of this advanced airband transceiver are available – the IC-A25CE and the even more advanced IC-A25NE. They both offer comprehensive communications capabilities but the IC-A25NE also adds navigation capability with built in GPS.

    A large 2.3 in high visibility LCD display makes using the IC-A25 very easy, even in poor light conditions. With an easy to use interface, 1.8/6 watt selectable rf power and an intelligent battery, the IC-A25 is the perfect airband portable radio for the professional user.

    Two versions of each model are available. A Sport pack that includes an AA battery case, cigarette lighter adapter cable, belt clip, antenna and handstrap. A Pro pack which comes with a li-ion battery pack, headset adapter cable and rapid desktop battery charger.