PDC760 Multi Mode Advanced Radio


A unique communications device unmatched from any other manufacturer the Hytera PDC760 Multi Mode Advanced Radio combines the best of GSM mobile phone technology with the capabilities of the latest DMR digital radio functionality – all in one device!

Not just a smart phone but a smart communications device with a host of features ideally suited for large businesses and organizations. The perfect communications device for people who need both a 2 way radio and a mobile phone but don’t want to have to carry 2 devices!


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Rugged and tough the Hytera PDC760 is built to military grade environmental standards [MIL STDS A,B,C,D,E,F,G],waterproof to 1 metre of water for up to 1 hour [IP67], supplied with an extremely tough display made from Gorilla Glass III which is scratch resistant and anti impact, anti fingerprint and oil resistant. Its LCD display is designed with a service life in excess of 30,000 hours!

Mission critical design features include one hand operation and quick press to view critical information instantly. Front and rear cameras support 4K HD video. Integrated Bluetooth and GPS are just some of the very many features offered by the Hytera PDC760.

Features summary [these are just a few, download the datasheet for a full list]:-

Operating modes include DMR Tier II, III, Digital & analogue conventional, digital trunking & public mobile phone networks [TETRA version also available]

UHF [350-570MHz]

Private/Group/All/Broadcast & Emergency call; Call Queuing, Priority Call & Phone Call

Contacts List, Camera [2], Messaging, Sound Recorder

File, Text Status Messaging, MMS

Emergency Alarm, Positioning, Scan & Roaming

Standard package includes radio, antenna, smart li-ion battery, smart charger & plug pack, belt clip, colour circle & user documentation

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