Z1P Compact TETRA Portable Radio


Slim and lightweight best describe the Hytera Z1P TETRA radio terminal. It is very compact, measuring only 23mm front to back and ergonomically designed to fit easily into the hand. It is therefore ideally suited for covert use or for those applications that are public facing, front of house etc.

Despite its small size the Z1P is fully submersible for up to 30 minutes in 1 metre of water [IP67] and it also meets the very tough MIL STDS G environmental tests making the Z1P a very rugged device. It also meets the stringent HALT tests [Highly Accelerated Life Test].

A full range of TETRA security features are offered including end to end encryption capability [E2EE], air interface encryption and tamper proof features built in to make the Z1P capable of meeting the toughest of mission critical operations.

In addition to featuring the full range of TETRA voice and data services the Z1P adds GPS and wireless options with a huge range of accessories available to suit all radio user types.


Z1P Compact TETRA Portable Radio Datasheet

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Operating mode Trunked radio mode (TMO): communication via the TETRA radio network (semi-duplex and duplex mode); Direct mode (DMO): direct communication between the radios (semi-duplex); Support for DMO Repeater and TMO / DMO Gateway communication: Extended range for DMO communication;  Operation as DMO repeater*: TETRA operating mode type 1A

Voice services -  Group calls Group calls with defined, pre-emptive or emergency call priority;  Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA);  broadcast call (group, TMO); Talking Party Indication in group call; Individual call  Individual call semi-duplex and duplex (TMO); Individual call with defined, pre-emptive or emergency call priority; Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP);  Calls to telephone networks (PSTN / PABX) (TMO);  PSTN / PABX individual call full duplex and semi-duplex;  DTMF;  Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP);  Additional call services Callout

Security functions Authentication Air interface encryption (TEA1, TEA2 *, TEA3, TEA4);  End-to-end encryption (E2EE);  TETRA security classes 1, 2, 3 – non-encrypted,  static encryption (SCK), dynamic encryption (DCK/CCK);  Key distribution via air interface (OTAR);  Enable/Disable via air interface, temporary/permanent;  Ambience Listening;  Access control with PIN / PUK code;  Tamper-proof

User Security functions  Orange emergency call button; Lone worker function; Tilt alarm; Silent alarm; Call barring and key lock; Configuration protection / configuration password TX Inhibit (TXI)

User Interface Functions 18 programmable keys for direct access to individual functions (short keys) and 4-way navigation key; Call log: Missed/answered calls, dialled numbers;  Flexible dialling (e.g. direct dialling, redialling, dialing lists etc.);  Two microphones for semi-duplex and duplex calls; Wireless BT connection to audio and PTT devices with automatic search and recognition;  Adjustable display brightness;  International language support;  GPS positioning based on ETSI LIP or NMEA protocol; Completely programmable position updates; Transmission of position information in case of an emergency call; Clock synchronisation via GPS / SAT, radio network or local time; PEI interface; Energy saving mode; Automatic cell re-selection without call interruption (handover); Programming of selectable network IDs (TMO, DMO); Programming of selectable PSTN / PABX gateways; Customisable alarm tones; Radio User Assignment (RUA)

Data / message services  Short data service (SDS) – types 1, 2, 3, 4 and TL;  Concatenated SDS (Long SDS) and Flash SDS Status message/ text message;  Notification on new messages during calls; Packet data service (packet data, single-slot, multi-slot)

Package includes radio body, 1400mAh li-ion battery, stubby antenna, dual pocket desktop charger & plug pack, hand strap



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Weight 1.000 kg

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