IC-F8101 HF Land Mobile Transceiver


For operations in remote areas HF long range over the horizon communications is the answer. The new ICOM IC-F8101 Land Mobile HF radio can be used as either a desktop base station or as a vehicle mounted radio. It operates across the HF band from 500kHz to 29.9999MHz and with a transmit power of 125W PEP. It supports SSB, AM, CW and Data and employs the latest DSP technology to provide the clearest audio and optimised receiver and transmitter performance.

Compact and powerful the ICOM IC-F8101 is equipped with CCIR493-4 4/6 digital selcall which supports a range of call types including selective call, phone call, message call, position call, status call, emergency call and channel test call.

The IC-F8101 is available with 3 different controller configurations – controller attached, controller detached and remote control operation. Both Automatic Link Establishment [ALE] and Selcall are standard features.

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Standard Features include:-

– Compact & tough construction

– Built In Test Equipment [BITE]

– Clear Talk function

– Mute function

– 3 Different controller configurations

– ALE & 4/6 Selcall; 125W PEP

– GPS rear connection showing position, time, elevation & current heading on radio display

– USB port for PC connection

– Tx power protection [PA high temp; high SWR; low battery]

– Display modes include SWR; voltage; clock; GPS; position; direction; elevation

Supplied with RF unit with attached controller head, DC cable, microphone & hanger kit, fuses, external loudspeaker



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Weight 5.000 kg

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